Everday Mindfulness
From 30th Apr 2019 to 30th Apr 2019

This workshop will give you an understanding of mindfulness and how we can apply this practice to our everyday lives.

Come and find out about the numerous benefits of mindfulness including improved health and wellbeing, and learn some mindfulness skills that will help you to stay in the present moment, whether at home or at work. You will have the opportunity to practice some of the techniques during the session.

This session is suitable for adults ofall ages and levels, and learning takes places through a variety of activities, presentations and discussions in a friendly and informal setting.

Your trainer for this session is Kay Morgan. As a qualified trainer in both adult education and mental health, Kay has experience of delivering mental health and wellbeing training to organisations, community groups and individuals. Kay uses mindfulness in her everyday life and is able to share a variety of useful techniques.

Everyday Mindfulness is being held on Tuesday 30th April, from 1pm to 4pm, at Ninesprings Natural Health Centre. Admission is £30.

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