Community Ambassador Network

We're developing a Community Ambassador Network (CAN) across South Somerset.

The NHS South Somerset Symphony programme is developing a new system for delivering health and social care in South Somerset. Symphony supports staff from different organisations such as Yeovil District Hospital, GP practices and Somerset County Council to work together; providing people with quicker and easier access to services and support.

The most successful services are those which are developed with an understanding of patient and public perspectives and experiences, and use that insight to inform and shape the type of service they provide. Vicky Sullivan, our Community Ambassador Coordinator, is developing a network of Community Ambassadors – community-minded members of the public, or representatives from community groups and services, to help us connect with a wide range of people and ensure their voices are heard.

Do you have a passion for improving community health and wellbeing?

Would you like the opportunity to share your knowledge, skills and experiences?

Are you interested in broadening your knowledge of health and social care services and support available in your community, so that you can direct people to the right place?

Email, or submit an Expression Of Interest to find out how you can get involved in this exciting and rewarding project.