Child Protection Basic Awareness
From 3rd Jul 2019 to 3rd Jul 2019

This session will look at the relevant current legislation, referral mechanisms and information sharing surrounding Child Protection.

We will also look at the categories of abuse, the roles/responsibilities and boundaries, early help assessment, safer working practices and whistle blowing procedures.

By the end of the session the learners will:

  • Have an understanding of the current legislation for safeguarding children & young people and how this links to child protection history
  • Demonstrate an understanding of appropriate referral mechanisms and information sharing i.e. who to contact, where to access advice and how to report
  • Be able to name the four categories of abuse.
  • Be clear about own and colleagues’ safeguarding roles, responsibilities and professional boundaries
  • Be aware of and able to use the framework for the assessment of children in need and their families as described in Effective Support for Children and Families and understand how they can contribute to Early Help Assessment
  • Have considered safer working practices and whistle blowing procedures

Child Protection Basic Awareness is taking place on Wednesday 3rd July 1.30pm to 5.30pm at The Nuture Shed Middlezoy, Tickets are FREE but limited to two per organisation.


Please note although this event is free, booking is essential.