Covid Community Champions Training
From 4th May 2021 to 4th May 2021

The Covid Community Champions network, helping people to stay happy and healthy in difficult times.

The Covid Community Champions network gives local people a role in helping their community to get up to date information and make the right choices to stay healthy.

After attending a short online training course, Covid Community Champions will be able to help their family, friends and the wider community to understand the latest guidance around Covid-19, and signpost to other health and wellbeing support. This can done informally as the Champions go about their day to day lives. Whether they chat to someone while queuing outside the shop, talk to colleagues at work, or challenge something they see online, they will play a vital part in helping keep local people informed, happy and healthy.

Champions will have the opportunity to attend regular meetings, where they’ll get to know the other Champions, keep up to date, and feedback about how things are going where they live and work.

The next training session is taking place at 7pm on Tuesday 4th May. You can find out more and book your space here.

We're developing the Covid Community Champions network in partnership with SASP.