Community Ambassador Network

We're developing a Community Ambassador Network (CAN) across South Somerset.

The NHS South Somerset Symphony programme is developing a new system for delivering health and social care in South Somerset. Symphony supports staff from different organisations such as Yeovil District Hospital, GP practices and Somerset County Council to work together; providing people with quicker and easier access to services and support.

The most successful services are those which are developed with an understanding of patient and public perspectives and experiences, and use that insight to inform and shape the type of service they provide. Vicky Sullivan, our Community Ambassador Coordinator, is developing a network of Community Ambassadors – community-minded members of the public, or representatives from community groups and services, to help us connect with a wide range of people and ensure their voices are heard.

If you have a passion for improving health and wellbeing, want to find out more about improving health and social care services and support, and share your knowledge, skills and experiences, this is a great opportunity for you.

Meet CA Jill, NHS Symphony Board attendee.

My name is Gill. I am married with 2 nearly grown up children and have lived in Somerset since 1998. During the 9 few years I have cared for my own mother and her elderly neighbours so I have had first-hand experience of the NHS as a patient and carer.

I have worked in the NHS and in education for most of my working life and I have always felt our health service is something to be proud of. It is obvious that although we would like it to be, the NHS is not sustainable in its current form. I would like to be part of initiating the changes that help its evolution to a system that can cope with the future demands. I believe it will also be important for us, the public, to review and embrace these changes. As a Community Ambassador I am hoping I can take an active part in linking the local NHS services with the local people that use it.

I was pleased to be invited to attend a Symphony programme board meeting last Thursday and found it interesting to see the positive discussion and actions it brought about between many different NHS and other providers. It is exciting to hear about the new initiatives been developed and initiated by the programme and as a CA I can represent the public view.

Meet CA Steve, Yeovil Wellbeing Alliance member.

Me and my family moved to Yeovil in 1994, with me continuing to serve in the RAF, and then commencing a career with Agustawestland. 

On retiring from AgustaWestland, I decided to try and put a little bit back into society by undertaking volunteer work within at Yeovil District Hospital, which has been very successful and rewarding over the past few years. I would now like to pass on my experience and thoughts to a wider audience by undertaking the Community Ambassador role.

Would you like to join us?

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