VCS Emergencies Partnership

We are a proud member of the VCS Emergencies Partnership, and the local liaison lead for Somerset.

Co-chaired by the British Red Cross and NAVCA, the VCS Emergencies Partnership is a growing family of traditional emergency response players, a range of community and local infrastructure organisations, and key associates from local and national government agencies. It aims to improve coordination at national and local levels before, during and after emergencies, helping people prepare, respond and recover.

The VCS Emergencies Partnership is currently responding to the evolving Covid-19 crisis. Longer-term, the Partnership’s goal is to establish a framework of response for future local or national emergencies, in the form of:

  • a network of regional hubs to provide additional capacity to the VCS when demand outstrips supply at a local level.
  • a national cell to match and coordinate demand for volunteers across the country.
  • a new data platform that pools sector-wide understanding of unmet need across the UK and informs a more effective response to emergencies.

As the infrastructure organisation for Somerset, we are working hard to support our community's response to the pandemic through a range of services and Covid-19 specific support. We’re working with groups on a daily basis and have an understanding of both the challenges and opportunities they are presented with. This valuable insight enables us to feed into and shape the work of the Partnership going forward.

You can find out more about the VCS Emergencies Partnership here.