Velocity Digital Training Programme
From 31st Mar 2022 to 16th Jun 2022

Learn how to use digital technology to improve your impact and support our communities more effectively.


In partnership with Velocity Somerset, we’ve developed a training programme to help digitally transform your organisation with skills training, digital strategy guidance and the potential for direct investment into new hardware, software and processes.

This programme of exciting, online events is a first step towards exploring ways to use digital technology to improve our impact and support positive change in our communities.

Each of the four themed modules will consist of two sessions - a workshop and a ‘grand challenge’. Each session will last for four hours, and you can attend as many or as few modules as you have time for, subject to availability:

  1. Collaboration - 31 March & 7 April – see details below

  2. Communicating Impact - 21 & 28 April – see details below

  3. Resource Sharing - 5 & 12 May – see details below

  4. Finding Your Digital Voice - 9 & 16 June – see details below


The first module starts on 31 March, so book now to save your space.


You can claim £150 per day for paid staff attending the sessions, reimbursed directly to your organisation. Plus, attending gives you access to up to £2,000 of grant towards new digital equipment or software for your Charity or organisation.


1. Collaboration - 31 March & 7 April

Session 1 – Thursday 31 March, 10am-2pm

Digital Collaboration - by working together, we can deliver better outcomes for our communities. Content includes:

  • What is collaboration and why is it beneficial?
  • Discussion – who do you collaborate with now internally and externally, what could be improved?
  • MS365 for collaboration
  • Deep dive into collaboration tools (Sharepoint, Planner, OneNote, Forms)
  • Discuss and play
  • Homework – build an action plan for 365, what do your collaboration partners need to know and what skills do they need. Bring some news.

Session 2 – Thursday 7 April, 10am-2pm

Grand Challenge 1 - how could you work collaboratively to deliver better services for your beneficiaries? Content includes:

  • Group discussions on topics of interest
  • Collaboration on funding
  • Group hackathon including a discussion on ways to work together to improve communication around your service users needs.


2. Communicating Impact - 21 & 28 April

Session 1 – Thursday 21 April, 10am-2pm

Communicating your Impact Digitally. Why is impact important? Content includes:

  • Tools to generate impact communication
  • Tools to communicate impact (Canva, Picktochart, Video tools, Photo tools)
  • Exercise – use Canva to build an infographic
  • Video/photography for impact
  • Homework - Think about your impact needs for the grand challenge – what are your priorities?

Session 2 – Thursday 28 April, 10am-2pm

Grand Challenge 2

  • Data & Impact - build a plan for showcasing impact
  • Measure What Matters
  • Data Essentials
  • Develop an action plan - work together to identify some key indicators that will reflect the impact you are having in your county, and how that can be visualised


3. Resource Sharing - 5 & 12 May

Session 1 – Thursday 5 May, 10am-2pm

Digital for Sustainability - using digital to share resources and ‘do more for less’. Content includes:

  • Working together to share resources, skills and staff
  • Using digital solutions to support collaborative funding bids
  • How can we use digital to build a community that is reducing its use of carbon?

Session 2 – Thursday 12 May, 10am-2pm

Grand Challenge 3 - co-create our response to ways we work together to  make better use of the digital resources we have available to us. Content includes:

  • Work together to develop thinking on new ways to share resources, skills and staff using digital
  • Covid has been the driver of digital transformation - Climate change will continue to push digital transformation


4. Finding Your Digital Voice - 9 & 16 June

Session 1 - Thursday 9 June, 10am-2pm

This workshop will focus on ways to use digital to engage and listen to the community

  • Find community insights – ways to build survey data and easy ways to posting data
  • Gaining insights from social media
  • Using social media for community engagement and how digital marketing support community engagement
  • Accessibility using MS365

Session 2 - Thursday 16 June, 10am-2pm

Grand Challenge 4 - a collaboration day to plan

  • Inclusive service design
  • Feedback mechanisms
  • Use of VR spaces
  • Review social media best practice
  • Google Analytics review


Book your place on the above courses.


This programme has been shaped by the findings of ‘Reflect, Recover, Renew’, the countywide research project which identifies the implications of Covid-19 on Somerset’s communities and VCSEs in order to create the building blocks for a shared vision of what is needed for the sector to renew.

By taking part in these sessions, you will not only upskill your staff and organisation but also have the opportunity to co-create solutions which will have a lasting impact in our communities.

Find out more about 'Reflect, Recover, Renew’.


Velocity Somerset, led by Cosmic in partnership with Spark Somerset, is a project which aims to enable you to increase your capacity, build resilience, to be better connected, more sustainable and ready to take on future challenges. Find out more about Velocity.