Virtual Volunteering

Virtual volunteering is a convenient way to help a great cause.

You don’t have to leave the house to make a positive impact. You don’t even have to commit a lot of time. You just need to click on a link and get started! Here are some great examples of how you can make a difference digitally:

Instant Wild brings you live images from cameras around the world. You can tag the animals to help conservation research. Get involved here.

Team up with projects from across the world and contribute to peace and development as a United Nations Virtual Volunteer. You can team up with an organisations to address sustainable development challenges, anywhere in the world, from any device. Get involved here.

Become a remote F Cancer volunteer for charities fighting cancer, and supporting those effected by the big C. You can help with a variety of tasks, from website design to social media. Get involved here.

The Princes Trust is a community of online volunteers who use a flexible online platform to mentor young people. You can support a young person who is looking for work or to start their own business. Get involved here.

Mentor children overseas with Granny Cloud. You can read stories, sing songs and chat with children in India, Colombia, Mexico and Greenland using Skype. Get involved here.

Birdwatching with a purpose with eBird. Become part of a worldwide network of birdwatchers. Your sightings will contribute to hundreds of conservation decisions and academic papers and help inform global bird research. Get involved here.

Map a disaster zone with Missing Maps. Help make maps to inform the relief efforts of organisations such as the Red Cross. Volunteers use satellite images and a drawing tool to mark up buildings, rivers and roads in remote areas that may not have been marked before. Get involved here.

Lend someone your vision with the Be My Eyes app. Virtual volunteers can help a blind or low-vision person to go about their daily tasks. Through a live video call, you can help by checking expiry dates, read instructions, and navigate new surroundings. Get involved here.

Don't have a device? Find more ideas on how you can volunteer from home here.