Spark helped us with our response to the Charity Commission and as a result the application was approved.  The advice was invaluable and I wish we’d sought their help sooner.

Mel Parsons - Matt's Respite Retreats

I find the service the Volunteer Centre provides to be invaluable. I have a good relationship with them and they are always very helpful. They do sterling work in advertising volunteer positions and getting adverts in the local papers.

They also facilitate meetings of local Volunteer Co-ordinators and provide training and opportunities for networking. This is a great opportunity that would not happen without their support. I cannot thank them enough for the work they put in to making my job a lot easier!

Alzheimer’s Society

Compass Disability Services is an employer of over 50 staff and provider of independent living services.

We have a need for a reliable, professional and cost effective DBS service.

We have worked with Spark over the past four years to provide this service and continue to be very happy that our needs are being met.

Richard Pitman - CEO, Compass Disability Services

Spark have signposted volunteers to us, provided mentoring, chaired meetings to offer advice or guidance, and promoted our work at various functions.

They’ve even got us national coverage in the printed press through their extensive social networking! This barely touches on the help they’ve provided over the years too.

On top of being a valuable resource, the team have proven themselves to be personable and friendly. There is a genuineness to their ‘want to help’ that is quite rare. Their service is invaluable and one we can’t recommend enough.

The WATCH Project